As an AIDS nurse in Africa

As an AIDS nurse in Africa, her photography came more out of urgency and therapy. And yet, somehow, she captured beautiful and tragic moments that encapsulate a controversial era in world history.Exhibit No. 9 is now hosting a special exhibition of Vitiello’s photography in downtown Asbury Park.

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4k led display Artists worked with peers from nations listed in the president’s proposed travel ban. The X Ambassadors joined with the Yemeni artist Methal (full name: Methal Hamadi) to perform the song “Cycles.” As Sam reported in an NPR interview earlier this month, Methal told the band, “the first time that she heard us was when bombs were dropping in her city, and she and her friends would have karaoke nights at each other’s apartments to just kind of keep busy and keep distracted. [They] were all together in someone’s apartment one night 4k led display.